Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to cancel a booking after having bought the ticket?

Once confirmed, bookings will be treated as definite. Please note that in relation to air fares there are additional terms specific to that fare. For example, 'economy restricted' tickets are normally non- changeable and non-refundable.

The ability to issue a refund is determined by the airline. Refunds will be subject to the fare conditions relating to the ticket that you purchase. Usually the cheapest fares will not be refundable as with all fares on low-cost carriers. charges £50 for processing of refunds or cancellations. This is in addition to any charge that the airline company may levy.

Acceptable forms of payment.

At we accept payment for tickets using a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, internet banking or you can also visit our office and pay by cash as well.

What is an electronic ticket? What advantages does it have?

An electronic ticket is a paperless means of ticketing. In comparison to traditional paper tickets, the new electronic ticket system has important advantages:

- It is cheaper,

- It is quicker - Once your payment has been authorized and you have received your confirmation email, you have all you need to travel!

- You can’t lose your ticket

- It is more environmentally friendly

E-ticketing is now standard throughout the travel industry. It is therefore advisable that you take a copy of your confirmation email/ receipt with you at all times when travelling or keep a note of your confirmation number.

Note: You will be required to have a printed copy of your E-ticket when checking in for flights to and from.

Payment by bank transfer/ Internet Banking?

If you decide to pay through bank transfer or Internet banking, you will receive an email with the account information necessary to make the transfer after completing your booking. You must make the payment within the term indicated in the booking confirmation e-mail so that the booking can be confirmed. If we don’t receive your payment within that agreed term, your booking will be cancelled and you will need to re-book.

Airfares are guaranteed only upon ticketing, and not upon submission of payment. If any error occurs we will notify you and organize a refund or arrange an alternative. Where you choose an alternative and it is more expensive than your original booking, you may be responsible for paying the difference.

What documentation do I need to travel?

For domestic flights some form of official picture identification is required (usually a driving license, ID card or passport). For all international flights your passport is mandatory and, depending on the destination country, you might also need a visa. If you are in any doubt about visa requirements we strongly advise that you contact to the visiting country embassy as soon as possible.

I haven't received the confirmation of my Booking. What shall I do?

If your email is working normally but you haven't received a confirmation e-mail within 2 hours of booking, it could be that an email in junk or spam filter is blocking mails from

If this is the case, please contact us please contact us immediately on +44 (0) 207 871 4545 giving full details of your booking or email us on

How can I modify a surname in a booking?

As with most changes to bookings, in many cases, especially those concerning cheap or discounted fares, or for bookings made using low-cost carriers, the airline will not accept name changes. Alternatively the cost of these changes may equal the cost of the original ticket.
In this case must cancel the existing booking and issue a new ticket, with all related costs charged to the purchaser. At best, these costs will include the airline cancellation and management fees which we are required to pass on to the customer along with the administration fee of £50.

Can I modify my booking?

You may make a request for changes in the booking by calling the number on the website or please contact our aftersales service department on +44 (0) 207 871 4545 or e-mail In most cases (depending on your fare conditions), the airline will make a charge for making any kind of changes.

Please note that in some cases, especially those concerning cheap or discounted fares, or for bookings made using low-cost carriers, the airline will not accept any changes (non changeable) or the cost of these changes may equal the cost of the original ticket.

Apart from the airline charges relating to such changes, will charge an administration fee of £50 for any such changes made.

What documents does require to process my booking?

For security reasons the United States as well as most EU States, and other countries now require airlines to provide details about their passengers before they travel. This is known as Advance Passenger Information (API). In order to ensure that this information is passed on to the relevant airline in a timely manner we may need details of your passport, nationality and several other details at the time of booking.

API requirements vary from country to country. Many airlines like US Airways, American Airlines and many US carrier has mandatory to pass complete and valid passport information to reservation before issuance of tickets.

In exceptional circumstances, Next Flights may not be able to issue airline tickets for confirmed bookings due to ticketing restrictions outside its control. If this occurs we will attempt to notify you within 48 hours of confirmation and organize a refund or arrange an alternative. Where you choose an alternative and it is more expensive than your original booking, you may be responsible for paying the difference. Please note that you may be required to produce your booking number and/or confirmation email to the relevant Travel Supplier as evidence of your booking.

API has nothing to do with applying for a visa. You are still required to follow the entry rules for every country you visit, as well as any required customs and passport control regulations.

What shall I do if I have made a mistake with the date or the time?

Unfortunately many fare types prohibit changes or cancellations (or there may be significant charges) once the booking has been confirmed. It is therefore absolutely essential that you take extra care when entering the date, time, passenger’s names or any other information required when making the booking as the tickets will be issued automatically.

In the event, however, that you do make a mistake with your booking, we suggest you please contact us as soon as possible on +44 (0) 207 871 4545 email us on

We can then contact the relevant airline and may be able to reduce the costs of a possible cancellation.

What is my baggage allowance?

If you have E- ticket for your flight, the baggage allowance will be displayed on your E- ticket.
You will usually be permitted a free checked baggage allowance and a free cabin baggage allowance, the limits of which may differ by airline, class and/or route. The amount of checked baggage you are allowed depends on your class of travel/destination. Several leading carriers have now introduced additional charges for checked baggage on either a piece or weight basis. It is recommended that cabin baggage is kept to a minimum. Extra charges may apply for checked baggage in excess of the permitted allowance. Please ask the airline for more specific information as these rules vary from time to time. You can refer to for information and links. For safety reasons dangerous articles must not be packed in checked or cabin baggage. Restricted articles include, but are not limited to, compressed gases, corrosives, explosives, flammable liquids and solids, radioactive materials, oxidizing materials, poisons, infectious substances and briefcases with installed alarm devices.
Should you be taking oversized equipment (skis, snowboards, golf clubs etc.) or excess baggage on a flight, please contact airlines to verify additional charges prior to completion of your booking.

How are children bookings made?

When searching your flight, you must specify the number of every type of passenger travelling i.e. adults, children and infants. In order to make the booking, we will require the children’s age and passport details. Please ensure that the correct details are given as the age of the child will influence the cost of the fare.

Any child 16 years of age and under may be regarded as a minor and therefore restricted from travelling on their own. Each carrier has specific regulations regarding unaccompanied minors. Please contact Customer Services to discuss special arrangements for children travelling alone.

Remember that depending on the airline, passengers under a certain age must be accompanied by an adult.

What do I have to do when I arrive at the airport?

You must go to the check-in counter of the relevant airline and show your passport. You will also need to provide the airline with a print out of the E-ticket email or the airlines booking reference.

Who is responsible for having all the documentation necessary to travel?

We can of course offer advice on travel documentation and visa requirements; however, the onus is on you to ensure that you have the required documentation when you arrive at the airport.

If for any reason you are denied boarding (or indeed entry to the destination country) because you do not have the required documentation to travel, we will be unable to issue any refund. The passenger is solely responsible for carrying the required documentation at all times.

Please ensure your travel documentation is in order.

- Ensure the names you enter match those in your passport.

- Please check if you are holding valid visa for the destination.

- Passports need to be valid for a minimum 6 months before the date of your return journey.

- If you have a connecting / transit flight you may require transit visa.

- If you are travelling to USA please complete ESTA form online at least 72 hours before departure.

Changes to hand baggage restrictions?

The information below is a guide only, please check the Department for Transport website which will have all of the most recent updates. Make sure you also check with your airline which may have different rules. If you are catching connecting flights, you should be aware of airport restrictions regarding carry-on luggage at other airports during your journey.

Below is a guide to the requirements that will be in place as well as advice to help passengers pass through the security check as quickly as possible.

Outsize items

All items of luggage which do not fit in the permitted cabin baggage size (maximum length 56 cm, width of 45 cm and depth of 25 cm) must be checked in to be placed in the aircraft hold. Musical instruments will, as an exception, be allowed as a second item of cabin baggage, but will need to be screened and passengers should check with their airlines if special arrangements (e.g. purchasing an extra seat) for these large instruments will be required.

Passenger requirements


Some liquids will be allowed once again through airport security check points. There will, however, be restrictions on the quantity of liquids that can be taken through.

Passengers may carry small quantities of liquids, but only within separate containers, each of which with a capacity not greater than 100ml.

These containers must be brought to the airport contained in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, which itself must not exceed 1 litre in capacity (approximately 20cms x 20cms). The contents of the plastic bag must fit comfortably and the bag sealed. Each passenger may carry only one such bag of liquids.

The bag must be presented for examination at the airport security point.

Liquids that cannot be placed inside the re-sealable bag must be packed into the hold luggage and checked in. Liquids of any amount can still be carried in luggage checked into the aircraft hold.

Remember that 'Liquids' includes:

* All drinks, including water, soup, syrups

* Creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, mascara etc

* Sprays and pressurized containers including shaving foam and spray deodorants

* Pastes, including toothpastes

* Gels, including hair and shower gel

* Any other solutions and items of similar consistency


Essential medicines and baby food may be permitted in larger quantities above the 100ml limit, but will be subject to the authentication that is already currently required.

Cabin baggage and size allowed

Each passenger is restricted to carrying only one item (in addition to the re-sealable liquids bag) through the airport search point with a maximum size of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. The weight of the bag may vary from airline to airline.

Pushchairs, walking aids and wheelchairs are permitted but will be screened.

Before you arrive at the airport


* Limit quantities to what you may need in the cabin for the duration of the flight.

* When possible, put liquids in hold baggage.

* Prepare the re-sealable bag of liquids before arriving at the airport.

* Check any queries you have with your airport or airline before travelling to the airport

Preparing for your journey

Passengers are asked to bear in mind the following advice to help make their passage through the airport as efficient and comfortable as possible:

Laptops / electrical items

Laptops and other large electrical items (e.g. a large hairdryer) will still have to be removed from cabin baggage and screened separately. A laptop bag will be regarded as your one item that is allowed in the cabin.

At the security point

Be ready to hand over your re-sealable bag of liquids for screening as you approach the security check point. It will be screened at the same time as your cabin luggage.

All coats and jackets will have to be removed ready to be screened and metal items including wallets will be placed in plastic trays and scanned separately.

If you are carrying a Laptop or any other large electrical item within your cabin luggage then please have it ready for separate screening as you approach the security check.

Duty free / departure lounge purchases may take on board liquid items of any size that are purchased after the security check in the departure lounge (sometimes referred to as 'Airside'). Duty free or similar purchases will be given to you in a special sealed bag. Do not open this bag until you have reached your final destination. You should also retain your proof of purchase throughout your journey. You will be required to show it at all transfer points. Please note: restrictions apply to duty free purchases made on return journeys where passengers change flights at an EU airport.

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